Metal Washable Air & Grease Filters

MS/MSG Moisture / Oil Mist Separator

Flanders models MS and MSG Moisture Separators are designed for use in air handling systems requiring collection of water droplets or oil mist. Water droplets in outside air are usually fog. In supply air, water droplets may occur as carry over from cooling coils and evaporative media or moisture downstream of humidifiers. Oil mist in return air is most often found in production machine shops.

KKM Industrial Grade Aluminum or Galvanized

Flanders Model KKM is a heavy duty, washable, aluminum media, all metal filter. KKM is suitable for all residential and commercial applications. The KKM offers large filtering area, high dust holding capacity, uniform loading and low resistance to air flow. It is recommended that the filter media be coated with dust adhesive for optimum performance.

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