Odor Control Filters

FCP Carbon Pleat - Fine Mesh Non-Dusting Carbon Pleat

The Flanders FCP Series adsorbers are designed for removal of malodorous compounds at low concentration levels. Utilizing the latest technology in fine mesh activated carbon, the product provides high removal efficiency of nuisance odors.

Pre Pleat AC

Pre Pleat with activated carbon works almost like an odor “sponge.” This versatile filter is an excellent choice in commercial/industrial settings for remediation of minor odor problems. This filter combines the low resistance, high dust holding capacity of a pleated filter with the odor removing abilities of activated carbon. The base filtration medium is polyester synthetic fiber. It has a generous 100% add-on of activated carbon by weight. As odor producing gases come in contact with the activated carbon in the filter, they are adsorbed, trapped and held in millions of microscopic carbon pores.

Vaporclean - Carbon Filled Non-Woven Rigid Filter

The Flanders VaporClean vapor phase adsorbers are designed for removal of molecular contaminants at low concentration levels while utilizing the proven technology of dry processed carbon composite media, (DPCC). The adsorbers provide high efficiency removal of multiple contaminants for applications within museums, archive storage facilities, airports and semiconductor fabrication facilities.

CRB-10 VC Model

Super-Flow VC - V-Cell Granular Rigid Filter

Flanders Super-FlowĘ VC Disposable Activated Carbon Adsorbers are designed for gaseous contamination control in both new and existing HVAC systems. Super-FlowĘ VC Adsorbers have total-detention capability with all air passing through the carbon beds. These adsorbers can help mitigate Indoor Air Quality problems in buildings where the air must be cleansed of gaseous contaminants. They are also useful in a variety of other applications such as the protection of light industrial processes and works of art.

CRB-10 SFVC Model

HMZD - High Mass Zero Dust Bonded Carbon Panels

HMZD stands for High Mass and Zero Dust. High mass refers to the greater density of activated carbon installed and zero dust means that the filters will not release carbon dust into the air stream. The panels are fabricated from 100% virgin coconut shell activated carbon with a minimum 60% CTC activity. The premium grade carbon is bonded together during a sintering process to form a rigid block and framed to provide clean air.

Techsorb - Chemical Media for Gaseous Containment Removal

Techsorb chemical media is specifically formulated to control application specific nuisance and harmful vapors. It is supplied in bulk form and may be incorporated into Flanders gas phase media trays

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